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Liberty Cottage Classes – 2020

 If Canandaigua Schools close for bad weather, we also close for your safety and ours.

- Visiting teacher classes have a one week prior to the class registration deadline.

 -  Unless someone has canceled at the last minute we will no longer take last minute registrations for any classes so that we may prepare any kit materials needed or order equipment. 

  -Classes with a # after the class name are suitable for young people who are accompanied by an adult, please ask for details.

-Contact Suzanne with any questions or to register for classes at (585) 393-1070 or 

Shuttle Tatting for beginners with Sherry   1st Saturday of every month   10-12 noon   Kit $7.00 & $10.00 per class session, two sessions are suggested.

 Many of you have asked for tatting classes and supplies, after a long search we are finally able to offer both.  Visiting teacher Sherry Townsend will be teaching basic tatting during class.  Each kit includes two tatting shuttles and basic written directions.  Sherry has extensive experience in tatting and has been featured in several publications and loves to teach.  Tatting will be a continuing class which will be offered at least once every month during which you may choose to progress further into more technical work with Sherry.  This group will meet the first Saturday of every month unless it is a holiday weekend, any changes to dates will be posted at on the home page or under the special events button.

Rug Braiding Beginner Class (2 sessions)   2nd Saturday of every month  1 - 4 pm  $15.00 each session + materials       Barbara and Suzanne will be teaching how to braid a wool placemat like the rugs we sell in the shop.  Tried it before, but need help?  Bring what you have in materials and tools and we will get you back on track.  Past students have decided to also meet at this time and anyone is welcome to join the group. 

Beginner Bobbin Lace with Deb (6 sessions suggested)    Tuesday from 2 - 4:30pm  Join the class anytime.  We meet every other week throughout the year.  Maximum of six students.  Each session is $15.00 during which Deb will guide you through learning the ancient art of bobbin lace.  The first session is a fact finding & decision class before buying the kit.  Kit includes all the basic tools, book and materials for the next five sessions and is $125.00.  Past students have decided to also meet at this time and anyone is welcome to join the group.  Check shop schedule on the home page for exact dates.

Needle Tatting with Deb (2 sessions suggested)     By appointment.

Each session is $15.00, materials and tools are $15.00.  Though not as crisp as shuttle tatting the needle method is easier to learn and gives the student a good foundation for going on to shuttle tatting if desired.

Suzanne's classes

Suzanne teaches these classes when you are available and there is not a visiting teacher's class scheduled.  Please call and make arrangements to setup a classes in any of the techniques lisited below.

Primitive Dolls 101# - 2 sessions, class fee free with purchase of pattern and materials, otherwise $5.00 each session.  We have hundreds of doll patterns, choose one and the materials to complete it and your two class sessions are free.  Bring friends to share this great deal. 

Locker Hooking Class#     Class $8.00 + materials

 These simple rugs made from cotton fabric strips and cotton twine worked with a hook and eye tool on rug canvas.  Student will need to provide prewashed fabric, ask for yardages when registering for the class.  Pillow or rug kits w/pattern are available or pattern books.  Ask for fabric yardage if using your own stash.

Rug Hooking Class #     Class $8.00   Beginner kit -  28.00                  

      Beginners hook a project of your choice from our selection of small teaching kits.  Kits contain all the materials to complete your project including a rug hook.  Student needs to provide an 8-9 inch hoop or hooking frame if they have one or we do have both of them in stock.

      Rug Hookers wishing to add new techniques (fine cut traditional, Grenfell, hooking with yarn, binding rug edges, etc.),  or perfecting skills may also join us and bring any supplies & equipment already in your stash.

     Open rug hooking in the shop all day Wednesday thru Friday, everyone is welcome to join us.


Proddy Rugs, Pins, etc.   Class $12.00 + tools & fabrics

This is an English rug making technique from the 1800's and re-uses scraps of fabric to create floor rugs, chair pads, pins, and is frequently combined with rug hooking to make 3 dimensional effects.  Class will touch on the various uses of this easy technique.


Rag Rug Weaving Class#     Class $12.00 + loom & fabrics

 Create personalized Rag Weaving to match your home colors.  Looms for mug rugs to room size rugs are available.  You will need to pre-purchase and wash fabric for the class or raid your stash.  Suzanne has yardage requirements for each loom size.  It’s also a great way to use up fabric scraps from your stash. 

Punch Needle Miniatures or Punch Rug Class #       Class $8.00 + materials

       Are you a cross stitcher, spinner, weaver or knitter with leftover yarns or threads?  Raid that stash for the tree of life design full of primitive flowers and fruit, an original by Suzanne.  You choose your own yarns and colors to create a one of a kind masterpiece.  Class teaches how to transfer design to foundation, color plan, choose yarns select equipment and gives the best tips for your masterpiece.  No stash?  Raid ours.  Punch needles and hoops are also available if you don’t have your own, we suggest not using gripper frames. 

Basic Embroidery#     Class $8.00 + materials

     Choose a pattern or bring one from your stash and Suzanne will help you master the basic stitches to create the design.

Yoyo's for any project#    Class $8.00 + materials

     Using yoyo makers and leftover quilting weight fabrics from your stash or our selection you will can create dolls, coverlets, runners, etc..

Wool Applique Quilts or Penny Rugs       Class $8.00 session + materials

      Try wool applique if you did not succeed with cotton hand turned edges.  It is so much easier.

Quilting      Class $8.00 session + materials

     Each student has different quilting goals and Suzanne can help with achieving them.  We specialize in  teaching beginners the basics that every quilter needs to create any quilt.  Suzanne's favorites are log cabins, twisters, Irish chain, redwork, and crazy quilts.

Binding Rug Edges                               Class $8.00 + materials

Is your rug completed except the edges?  Suzanne will show you several ways to finish rugs to protect and add that perfect final touch.  Bring your rugs and binding materials if you have them or we have them available here.

 Suzanne is also able to help with needlepoint of any kind, cross stitch, any of counted, pulled or drawn thread & whitework techniques, embroidery, crewel and framing or finishing (ornaments, pillows, stockings, etc.) your handwork.

Please ask Suzanne for information regarding local handwork groups, stitch-ins, Guilds with local chapters, quilt or fiber shows.

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